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Local Business Tax Questionnaire
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Registration Form - Business - No Gross Sales
Registration Form - Contractor / Professional
Registration Form - Individual Short-Term Rental
Registration Form - Property Manager
Registration Form - Property Addition Request
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Fictitious Name, LLC or Corporation Registration
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FL Department of Business and Professional Regulation
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Bay County Tourist Tax

When Starting a New Business, you will need to complete the business questionnaire to ensure that you comply with all applicable codes of the City, including building, fire, and zoning laws before you obtain a license. A pre-license inspection is required for any business operating as a mercantile, restaurant, or professional office. No person shall engage in or manage any business, occupation or profession within the city limits of the City without first obtaining a Business Tax Receipt (BTR). Please complete the New Business Questionnaire and submit for approval to get started.

Registering Your Business is the next step. Please complete one of the above application forms that relates to your type of business and submit for approval to obtain a Business Tax Receipt (BTR). The BTR fees are based on one dollar ($1) per one hundred dollar ($100) retail sales or one percent (1%). The BTR registration year begins in March and ends the last day of February each year. The fees are due and payable by the first of the following monthly sales. If the payment is received by the 10th of the month prior to 11:00 pm central time a three percent (3%) deduction will be applied. A delinquent filing fee of eight percent (8%) for each month the payment is late will begin the first (1st) of the month of the following monthly sales and will be applied each month until it is paid.

If you are operating as a Professional/Contractor your BTR registration year is October 1 through September 30 each year.

Business Tax Receipt (BTR) for one-percent (1%) gross sales customers there is a minimum annual fee of $50.00 collected during the business registration calendar year.